Peace before anything, love before everything and freedom before anyone, because happiness and life are too abstract and unstable. Peace is at the center stage for his new works, and has become a cornerstone of his life too, of late. Layziehound’s art history has been informed by social commentary and about highlighting society ills that results from the city life surrounding him. His focus was based on political and religious leadership criticism. The period stretching from late 2017 to present, we have seen a slight change in approach. His approach and philosophy to life took a light change in perspective. His technique also slightly evolved because the subject matter demanded a more personal and gradual development, to allow a slow build up of feelings and emotions to evolve in each peace accordingly. His theme is centered on the very core of the elements that attempts to respond to the most radical questions; why is life? What is happiness? What’s success? Therefore, he chose to review his own life as the greatest and the most intimate source for answers, by asking more questions. He claims to have no answers, because he believes that his works map up the direction that leads to every individual finding their own unique answers for themselves. He dived into the depths of abstract elements becoming predominant in his latest works, and in some works, a fusion of figurative compositions suggestively. He claims to be an agent of peace, love and freedom as his entrance points into self-understanding and manifestation of our purpose that makes us human. His works are his contribution to solutions for all millennial personal problems. He utilizes his life and experiences as a reference point and the most crucial element of his learning about self and the interconnection with others of similar quests, to inform his new body of works. “We are more similar and connected by needs and questions about life than we can possibly imagine”, he declares. *The accompanying texts for the artworks are derived from an interview with the artist himself.


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