“Chowmein is most well-known for his iconic “chinese take-away” box, brandishing just about every public space in Johannesburg. From grimey street corners to heavenly highway spots, alongside Africa’s busiest route, he’s left his mark. Executed in spraypaint, his letters and boxes reflect the city landscape on which they sit. Characterised by straight edges & geometric shapes, Chowmein’s letter style is distinctive in that it strives to restructure the letters’ shapes. Similarly, the context in which these works exist are also restructured. Drawing influence from Skateboarding culture, Johannesburg city, as well as his people, Chowmein’s work seeks to liberate public space and the people that engage with it. He’s also done this through engaging in commercial work and has been painting as a commercial artist since 2012. He is an active and dedicated artist, engaging with spaces and peers to collaborate in the public regularly. His work can be found in cities across Scandinavia, Vietnam, North America, and Southern Africa. Liberating spaces and structures is an abundant mission, and Chowmein’s aim is that his practises reach further.” – Jared Pereira, curator at Grayscale Gallery. Johannesburg, South Africa


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