Henco Strydom


Born 25 January 1969 Johannesburg. About the painter I am purely the co creator in the process of expressing emotions and an inner experience through the painting of images onto a blank canvas by using a variety of mixed mediums . Hendrik Strydom ( Henco ) was born in Boksburg , east of Johannesburg on January 25 , 1969 into a Afrikaans speaking family and grew up with one other sibling one year younger than him. He was educated in a public education system and matriculated in 1986 . After this he then furthered his studies in fine art at Pretoria Technikon art school . It is here that he’s passion and natural talent allowed him to express himself through a whole range of media from photography , graphic design, sculpting and painting . In 2000 he became a father to his son and he’s pursuit in the arts intensified as he searched for means to express his emotions and visual experiences onto the canvas. In an attempt to capture the energy and colourful character of he’s son as a toddler onto canvas he found inspiration from pop art to which he adapted his own style of painting . He’s paintings continue to evolve in his attempt to reflect the colourful layers of a character and to capture the story in the eyes of his subjects . My path as a creative being was both dramatically and profoundly influenced during a psychedelic experience in 2018 . Ever since then I am forever more curious as to how much more creative energy I can allow to flow through me . How much more can I open up to receive ? At the same time by doing so I am sharing my creative journey and as a result of this search within myself as a medium for source energy to flow through me I portray and express this all through my art . My eternal gratitude are towards all those that inspire me and who constantly guide me through this creative journey. Henco. About the art The eyes are the windows to the soul What does it really mean when one is awake ? Does this mean that once we were blind ….and now we can see ? For me this is the focus and what I try to capture in all the eyes of all my paintings. What exactly are the eyes in the paintings saying ? It’s the emotions, the feelings and the whole story that every picture reveals to the one who allows himself to get absorbed into the image on the canvas .


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