Anser Nineone


Anser Nineone is a graffiti artist born and raised Johannesburg, South Africa. He has been painting graffiti since 2009 and specializes in realism imagery, with strong roots in graffiti lettering. He uses a range of techniques when working in the studio, mixing oil paint, acrylics, markers, airbrush and spraypaint to achieve a unique blend of textures and styles. His work contrasts the more traditional Fine Art styles and techniques with a raw urban aesthetic that comes from graffiti, skateboarding and Hip Hop. Anser’s work draws inspiration from everyday life and situations around him, such as painting graffiti in the city, tattoos, music, taking in other art and nature. He spent time in Berlin between 2016/17 learning large scale mural painting from some of Europe’s top mural artists- specifically nature realism. Anser has worked on many projects and events such as building sized landscapes/portraits, the City of Gold festival, several advertising commissions for big brands and other corporate/private murals. Anser currently works as a mural artist while apprenticing at one of Johannesburg’s premier tattoo shops. He continues to paint graffiti and pursue his passion for making art in the studio.


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